Growing Up Micro Preemie

Scarlett Rose's Story
Hello, We Are Growing Up Micro Preemie

This is our love letter to our daughter, her siblings, our family and ourselves. The journey from birth till present has been filled with lots of love, heartache and most of all, a story. This story is rarely spoken of because there is a lot of emotion involved. If you have gone through it, are going through it, or just curious, we are here to share our experience with a Growing Up Micro Preemie

24 weeks 5 days

Hours after arriving at the hospital, we learned quickly that she was going to be a fighter. The next 6 months were quite the challenge.

1 year

6 Months out of the NICU, we celebrated Scarlett's 1st birthday. She was just beginning to show us her spunky attitude and diva qualities.

Happy 5th birthday to my gorgeous girl!!
5 years

Scarlett on her 5th birthday. This girl is constantly smiling and so full of energy! She loves laughing and is so independent. She amazes us daily!